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Auction Time: February 27, 2024 / 11:58 AM PDT
Auction 81859
LD White Cock Never Raced or Bred. Best of Sonia vd Maelen x Figo x 46 Verbart
Auction #81859




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Inbred to the Grijze 400(8th Nat Acep/4th Prov Acep) 6x in Pedigree. Figo(7x1) Line x 46 Verbart(15x1) Line

Inbred to Sonia Van Der Maelens Grijze 400( 8th Nat Acep) 6x and 7x Bloodline (Figo) 1st National Bourges 12,266. Dream Pair(Albert x Paola) from Derauw - Sablon. 57(Verbart) 8x1 2x, 62-787 FS 46(Verbart) 2x, FS 46(Verbart) 2x, 46(Verbart) 15x1 5x, Jonge Schicht HB(Figo) 1x Elia FS(Schicht) 1x, Schicht(7x1)Sire Figo 1x.Many Top Perfoming LD Pigeons in the pedigree(Gaby Vandenabeele,  Golden Cople(Karl Muelemans) 4x, Anieha(1st Nat Acep) SVDM 4x, Den As(1st Nat Acep) Maurice vd Velde) 1x, Driebander(Hofkens) 6x, Indurain(2nd, 4th Prov Acep) SVDM 3x, Sheriff(3x 1st) SVDM 4x, See Pedigree for all information. too many birds to name. Individually bred.  ( A very nice cock) Vaccinated for PMV, Herpes Virus, Adenovirus and Canker.


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