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Auction Time: April 21, 2024 / 11:04 PM PDT
Auction 82860
Pair of Racers - Hen direct off multi-winner!
Auction #82860




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Auction Start: 04/01/2024 / 03:00 PM PDT  
Auction End: 04/07/2024 / 06:00 PM PDT  
  Location: Pigeon Auctions
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Auction image


Pair of Racers - Hen direct off multi-winner!

 Pair of Racers - Hen direct off multi-winner!

15/LUDO-555 Velvet Hen (Pedigree attached).  Cock has no pedigree included, unbanded.

There are no guarantees with this pair but they did breed early hatch  2024 YB nest.  
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JJBB $105.00 Bidder uses Auto-Bidder to increase bid 1 04/07/2024 04:10 PM

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