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Auction Time: February 27, 2024 / 12:34 PM PDT

It's the Online Trading Site for Pigeons! Sellers reach hundreds of qualified buyers on a daily basis, and realize an excellent, low-cost opportunity to market their stock. Buyers are presented with excellent deals on outstanding flying kits and breeders - all the excitement of a pigeon auction from the comfort of your own home!

Top quality pigeons are entered on the site; thousands of qualified bidders see the birds, read over the information, look at pictures (all online) of the birds and place bids on the ones that catch their fancy. When the auction closes, the seller and highest bidder (winner) are notified by email. The winner makes payment and the seller ships the bird(s) to the winner. is not responsible for any technical failure beyond our control (such as power outages or server problems). If an outage occurs during final bidding we will decide if it is necessary to repost those lots.

- Auctions will not close while bidders still want to bid! All auctions will have a scheduled time to close. When the auction reaches this predetermined close time, it will remain open until such a time, as there are no more valid bids for a period of 4 (four) minutes. This is the way auctions work in the real world, we've never seen an auctioneer close an auction while people still have their hands in the air! We won't either.

All you need is a connection to the Internet and a web browser (any kind will do), a working email address and a form of payment. If you've got all three then you can just point your browser at and click on the "Register" button. You'll be signed up in under a minute's time. If you would like to register with out a credit card, please call the number below. We've built the site to be as simple to use as possible, but if you have any trouble at all please call us toll free 405-233-0779 (during operating hours ¬ 9-5pm M-F). We'll either help you right then or call you back shortly and get you up and running in no time. Please call Monday through Friday if you need help registering. We are closed on Weekends.

There is NO CHARGE to register ¬ we do ask for your credit card or payment information when you register. This is how we ensure that you are who you say you are. We need to do this to protect the good people who enter birds for sale on our site, and to protect the integrity of the auction itself. Please keep your information current.

PLEASE NOTE: The credit cards billing address must match the billing address on your account with If they do not match, the transaction will not be processed.


Winning Bidders/Buyers pay whatever they bid for their winning bids in the auction plus shipping fees. NOTE: will always work with the buyers and sellers to try to keep the shipping costs down. If for example a customer wins 2 birds from the same seller during the same auction we will make sure that the seller combines the birds and enables us to charge a lower shipping fee. However, if more than two birds are to be shipped, the shipping cost is as follows: Shipping of one (1) bird will be $60.00 and an additional $10.00 for the 2nd bird. This means that two (2) birds will be $70.00. The price goes back up to $60 for the 3rd bird from the same seller and then $10 for the 4th. Additional charges may apply to electronic timers and equipment. All prices are subject to change. If a buyer would like to purchase several lots from several weeks it up to the buyer to contact about combining shipping from all auctions. The buyer must contact after each auction closing stating to combine shipping with specified lot number. We will not combine shipping if we are not notified after each auction closing to combine shipping. *

1) We charge a $30 insert fee per lot. This only applies to lots that receive bids. deducts the $30 from the money the seller receives for selling the bird. We will only deduct the $30 if the lot sells. The seller is entitled to run each lot as many times as they would like until it sells.

2) Sellers are required to pay 10% of total sell on lots with winning bids of $500 or higher. (This does not include the 3.5% collection fee). The insert fee of $30 will be excluded on sales of $500 or more. Effective August 1, 2005. Rates are subject to change*

3) If you would like for to collect the money from the buyer at the end of the auction we charge a 3.5% collection fee. This is OPTIONAL, if the seller would like to work the money deal out with the buyer PAC will give the seller the buyer's information, and we will not charge the collection fee. However we have found that 98% of our sellers want PAC to collect the money, so we will operate this way (collect the money for you) unless you specifically ask us not to.

4) Seller's are not able to use their seller's checks to pay for lots bid on/purchased by them. REFUNDS TO BUYERS:
If the buyer is not satisfied with the lot or bird/s purchased the buyer is entitled a refund from the seller (buyer must return the lot and request a refund within 7 days of arrival of purchased lot). Buyer must be refunded the winning bid amount. Shipping is non-refundable if lot has been shipped to buyer(no exceptions). If the lot has not been shipped, shipping is refundable. Buyer is to contact the seller for a refund. Once the seller has been paid for the lot, is not responsible for refunds. It is then up to the buyer and seller to negotiate any refund.

All sellers are to give a full refund in the amount of the winning bid (shipping is non-refundable) if buyer is unsatisfied with the lot purchased. If the seller in unable to ship the lot please contact If the seller's check has been cut the seller is responsible to give the buyer a full refund for the lot purchased. If the seller's check has not been cut will refund the buyer the full amount of the lot purchased plus shipping (shipping is only refunded if the lot has not been shipped to the buyer). Sellers are not required to pay the insert fee or collection fee if unable to ship lot due to the post office. We are aware that shipping is unavailable to some locations. If the seller does not ship lots in a timely fashion and the buyer wants a refund due to not recieving the lot, it is the seller's responsibilty to refund the buyer full shipping plus price of lot. Pigeonauctions will not refund the seller's insert fee due to seller not shipping a lot in a timely fashion. INSERT FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE ONCE PIGEON SELLS (LOT CLOSES WITH A BID).

Pictures must be 400 pixels, this is the same size as a 4 X 5 or 3 X 5 picture. Pedigrees must be 900 pixels, this is around an 8.5 X 11. When creating a lot put the picture in the BIRD IMAGE 1 box and the pedigree in the PEDIGREE IMAGE 1 box. This is very important to remember when posting your lots. The system automatically downsizes pictures and pedigree to the proper size. The system can not increase the size. If the pictures and/or pedigrees are not the recommended sizes, and the system has to automatically downsize them when uploaded they will become blurry.

If is required to perform graphical work (edit photos, edit pedigree, scan in pedigrees, switch the pedigree and picture, etc...) we have a per photo/pedigree graphics fee. Our auction is setup to allow you (the seller) to input everything yourself directly onto our website - you can upload your pictures, pedigrees, and type in the exact descriptions you'd like for your auction lot. We ONLY charge the graphics fee IF the lot does not meet the requirements.

1) All lots must have the band numbers of the birds listed. It is not acceptable to list kits, or any other birds until you have the very birds available for sale. (Unless stated in the description). Lots must be posted before Wednesday of each week, or they will not be posted on that weeks auction.

2) The seller must be ready and willing to send the bird(s) to the buyer upon notice from that the auction has closed, and the payment transaction is complete. It is not acceptable to wait for the money to arrive before sending the bird. will send your money (payment for the birds) within 10 days of the close of the auction. We guarantee your payment (bid price + shipping ¬ insert fee -3.5% collection fee) once we have given you notice to ship. Please have a postal service approved shipping container ready for each bird or lot (as appropriate) before you start your bird on the auction. The birds must be sent using the postal service's "Express Mail".

3) The seller must guarantee all birds to be reproductive sound. If the birds will not lay or cannot produce fertile eggs (or fill eggs in the cock's case) - you must be willing to replace the bird for the first 60 days after the close of the auction. is in no way responsible for any default on the sellers part. We are here to offer a place to buy and sell your birds and in no way can guarantee what others sell.

1) We accept MasterCard, VISA and Discover credit cards. We also accept your good checks, money orders, and cashiers checks. Payment by check or money order will delay the shipment and arrival of the birds. If paying by check, cashiers check, or money order, All payments must be received within 10 days of the auction closing, no exceptions. Payment must be mailed the following business day. If payment is not received within 10 business days of the lot closing, the lot will be reposted. We do not charge any credit cards unless authorized to do so within 24 hours of the lot (auction) closing. After 24 hours if has not been notified of the buyer's payment option, the card listed on file will be charged. Note: All credit card payments will be charged and using the name, this is what your statement will read. If a check is returned for NSF or any other reason there will be an additional fee of $25.00 plus the amount of the returned check. A $5.00 fee will be charged for declined credit cards each time the card is declined. Please keep your credit card and contact information updated at all times.

2) If the buyer does not contact with in the allotted time, the card on file will be charged.. Once the card has been charged there will be no refunds or credits made back to that credit card unless the buyer pays a 3.5% collection fee of the total sell. If the buyer would like to pay in a different form of payment after the card on file has been charged the buyer's credit card can be refunded minus the 3.5% collection fee.
EXAMPLE: Total sale -$100. Card charged $100. Buyer wants card refunded: $100 - 3.5% = $96.50 that card will be refunded. The buyer must then pay in a different form of payment the full amount of lot purchased.

We will never divulge any of your personal information (including credit card #'s, phone numbers, addresses etc.) to anyone. Period. Many sites on the Internet sell the data they collect on their sites to advertisers, or other sites to make money. We WILL NEVER DO THAT. The information you enter on our site is guaranteed to be 100% safe and secure.

Seller's: will only release your name, email address and phone number to the buyer of the lot. Buyer's: will only release your name, email address, phone number, and shipping address to the seller of the lot. is in the business of hosting the best Online Trading Site for Pigeons on the web.
Special features you won't find on any other site (until they copy us that is ....)
- Sellers can enter the information about their birds (text and pictures) directly on the site themselves. Therefore the seller is in complete control over how their birds are depicted on the site, how much the opening bid must be. This puts the seller in complete control of his or her own lots.

- Auctions will not close while bidders still want to bid! All auctions will have a scheduled time to close. When the auction reaches this predetermined close time, it will remain open until such a time, as there are no more valid bids for a period of 4 (four) minutes. This is the way auctions work in the real world, we've never seen an auctioneer close an auction while people still have their hands in the air! We won't either.

- Shipping can be difficult at times in some areas. It may get better or could get worse. Remember if the seller has difficulty shipping to your area please be patient and work together to resolve the problem/s. Shipping prices are for states within the U.S. that do not require any additional costs above the normal. If to get your lot/s to you requires extra costs the buyer must cover those costs (NO EXCEPTION).


- All changes go into effect immediately unless otherwise stated.